• In today’s digital world of immediacy, instant on-line connections, and short, potent messages, one can discern in many who seek psychological assistance, a longing for for something continuous, ongoing, lasting. Despite Pythagoras’s discovery that the world is round, we to this day react emotionally as if the Earth is flat: If so and so happens, I feel as if it’s the end of the world! (ie, I have reached the edge of the abyss, & cannot sense that there is anything beyond.). But if I can grasp that the Earth is truly round, then, beyond that edge, there is further ground.
  • I have begun to realize that much of my efforts in my therapeutic work are centered around fortifying that very sense of continuity and the ongoing nature of events.
  • Consequently, I have come to realize that the word or has become superfluous. We use it to reflect the digital/dichotomous vision of life which reflects the left hemisphere of the brain. However, if we listen to our right hemisphere, and comes to fore, thereby providing us with a more unitary view of things. Our emotional reality is that opposing, conflicting sides and points of view are present within us. My task in therapy is to provide a safe atmosphere wherein each one can come in touch with his or her complexity and diversity.
  • During the past 20 years, I have gradually been expanding my basic Psychodynamic orientation to integrate many techniques (Hypnotic, Behavioral, Gestalt, Ericksonian,  Non-Verbal, as well as Psychoanalytic), which have greatly enrichened my work and have enabled me to more tailor my approach and techniques according to the actual needs of my patients.